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Akselworks Is An Agile Management Tool For Smart Companies – Like Yours

Boost Management Team Work With Powermemo™

Akselworks Powermemo™ is the smartest and fastest way to manage teams and to assign and delegate tasks. See how it works.

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The Best Way To Run Impossible Projects

Are you running a project where people come from all over your organisation – with external suppliers and consultants? We designed Akselworks just for that!

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Do Your Business Targets And People’s Work Match?

When other tools show you only numbers, Akselworks™ shows you what is hidden behind numbers – people’s real achievements!

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Simply Get It Done

With Akselworks you use less time in meetings, reading and searching emails and files, delegating tasks or filling reports. People know exactly what they are expected to do – and most over you can match your top business priorities to what people have really achieved!



Start agile management with Powermemo™. Write down decision and instantly assign tasks, decisions, information, ideas or issues to right people.




After saving your memo, see how all assignments instantly go the right places – smartly connected to people, time and projects!



You get all relevant information of achievements and future work load – from your projects, from your team members and from your self.


  1. Achievement history: In progress – Over due date – Completed
  2. Role filter: What I deliver – What I expect to get
  3. Future Load: Already late – Today – This week – This month


Compare your TOP most valuable projects versus people’s REAL achievements – and guide and give feedback smartly o the teams who need that most!

Akselworks matching business priorities and people’s achievements


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